A Wine Game and Puzzle for Wine Enthusiasts

Set up Vino Vault brain teaser wine puzzle with your own 5 letter code word. Give your gift of wine and send them off on an adventure - "Da Vinci Code style." They'll have to crack your code before they can crack open the bottle. With Spin the Bottle, play a fun trivia wine game at your next party..

Anticipation (Wine Not Included)

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex is a unique gift to torture your wine loving friend. Do you remember the fun and adventure of a treasure hunt when you were young? The Rubik’s Cube puzzle was challenging…..but no reward after all that work! We’ve got something new and unique for you and your wine enthusiast friend. Given along with your bottle of fine wine, Vino Vault wine puzzle provides something totally unique and fun - an adventure as you create your own custom treasure hunt game. The setup of your personal five letter combination word is simple. Taunt your "friends" however long you like - an evening, a month, a year. Cruel, yes, but fun too. Deliver clues in any number of creative ways. A vintage reward is delivered to the recipient once solved. The cryptex combinations can be repeatedly set, and this wine game, brain teaser puzzle "re-gifted." Do you love the fun and adventure of escape rooms, escape room puzzles and props? This can make a perfect "message in a bottle" challenge puzzle for use in your escape room.

Spin the Bottle, Wine Party Trivia Game

You can include some entertainment along with great food and wine at your next dinner party or event. Guests will a bring a food pairing to match their two identical bottles of wine -one for tasting and other to be traded in a trivia based game that is played around a table -similar to Trivial Pursuit or Clue. Bottle labels could be visible or covered for a blind tasting. It's a white elephant wine exchange. Everyone will have fun, eating, tasting wine and playing a game with the opportunity to win and take home their favorite choice wine of the evening. Other game variations are possible.

Puzzle Pod Cryptex, Brain Teaser and Coin Bank

Puzzle Pod Cryptex opens the fun to all and can be used with any number of gift items. Lock up your gift and send them off on a treasure hunt. The unlocking code of this brain teaser puzzle can be set to any five letter word of your choice. They won’t be able to get to the gift inside the cryptex until they solve the clues you give them and break your code. This cryptex puzzle also has features on the bottom that allow it to be used as a coin bank. This is a really unique gift and if you like the money maze puzzle you'll love this.